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About us


The secret to CERVINO's success lies in understanding that the intervention of man in the process of material trasformation may only come about by applying a technology able to ensure the best ratio between quality and industrialisation of the finished product. The men who founded CERVINO in 1951 didn't realise that they would be pioneers.

Originally from Verona, now an internationally important centre for the granite processing sector, they and many others turned to working with this material. However, once they had mastered their trade, with insight and initiative they adopted technologically innovative cutting techniques and diamond tipped discs that gained them world-wide supremacy. It's thank to those men that CERVINO is now the leader in the manifacture of granite blocks, with a work area of 30.000 mē (5000 of which under cover), enabling a daily output of 1,500 mē.

The philosophy that was handed down by the founders is the basis on which CERVINO has been able to reach its primitive objective; rapid transformation of granite blocks into thin tiles. The unique and refined prestige that only granite can offer figures strongly on both home and international markets. Its thickness and form permit its use in large building works where its resistant qualities are coveted, and in creative interior decorating where bathrooms and floors come to life. Overseas markets use granite extensively through large distribution networks.

Experience has shown that better product quality and yield is obtained by cutting the time taken for processing the granite. CERVINO has perfected a transformation process by fully mechanising all the granite work phases: the granite block in its natural form is faced, cut, gauged, polished and bevelled under the watchful eyes of CERVINO personnel, guaranteeing uniformity, and as a result, quality.

However, the merits of producing granite of the highest quality aren't enough for CERVINO, so commercial operations have also been streamlined through packaging and storing material and large scale distribution. Advanced technological processes, abundance of uses and transport simplicity have reduced costs, and when combined with professionalism and experience, allowed new markets to be opened, putting the company in a strong position to take advantage of all the changes that the future holds.


Granite is a natural igneous rock, largely composed of quartz and other minerals. It is these volcanic origins that render it unique in nature and incomparable to marble or other industrial products recomposed from marble and ceramics. Natural rock characteristics such as STRENGTH, HARDNESS, SOLIDITY, SHINE, VARIETY of COLOUR and TYPE, combine to make granite the obvious choice for architectural works where safe and durable materials that are easily maintained and aesthetically pleasing are called for.

The granite, and particularly the type of processing that CERVINO proposes, has the added bonus of allowing a choice from a range of thickness and finishes suitable for any environment or situation. Another important characteristic of granite is the ease with which it can be laid, using the same techniques used for laying any other paving or tilling material on the market. The packaging guarantees safety and ease of transport and simplifies things on the work-site.

All these attributes combine to make CERVINO granite blocks an accessible offer of real interest to all consumers.